Quick Amicable DivorceQuick Amicable Divorce

Quick and Amicable Divorce in England and Wales

Are you looking for a Quick Amicable divorce without going to court?

Divorce Negotiator has designed a ground-breaking quick amicable divorce service.  By using our service you and your partner can get an amicable divorce, without court hearings or any solicitors.

Would you like a Quick Amicable divorce without expensive divorce solicitors?

We can save you 80% of the cost of going to a solicitor, not to mention your time.  This will allow you both to get on with your new lives using our most unique negotiating service.

Our amicable divorce service is the quickest, simplest, and best in quality available. – There is no other service like it in England and Wales.

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How Do We Keep It Quick and Amicable?

We keep your divorce quick and amicable because we work with both of you. We help you both to work out the best way to go about your divorce, financial settlement and arrangements for children if necessary. No other divorce firm offers this service.

Traditional Divorce Solicitors are not allowed to offer this service to you. They can only work with one of you –boasting that they will ‘win’ or how much they will win for you. This only aggravates the situation and causes parties to issue court proceedings against one another.  So ultimately the real winners are the solicitors, who get a big chunk of your hard-earned money.

At Divorce Negotiator, our approach is different because we aim to keep you out of court and keep your costs low.

We have helped more than 1,000 couples get an amicable and friendly divorce.  Most of them did not believe this was possible in their case – but we made it possible for them and we can make it possible for YOU.


Here is What Some of Our Clients Had to Say

“After spending over £9000 on solicitors and no further forward with my divorce settlement, I found Divorce Negotiator online and thank God I did.”

” I did not want a divorce! And having a pragmatic ear and voice at the end of a phone helped me through a very difficult time in my life. “

“Excellent service! I was very wary to start with, as it was my husband who suggested them, so I went to a solicitor to ask if it was a good idea.  They said although it would deprive them of the business, it would save me money and is perfectly legal, so a very good idea. “

“Quick and efficient service and came in over £1,000 UNDER Budget!!”


Reasons to choose Divorce Negotiator

Once we have helped you both to reach a fair agreement, we will complete all the necessary forms and send them to the court. The court will process your paperwork and stamp it to make it all legally-binding. This process is what your solicitor will charge you thousands of pounds for.

Your Divorce and Financial Settlement will be Legally Binding

We can do everything a solicitor can and more:

  • Solicitors cannot work with you both – we can.
  • Solicitors encourage you to fight each other in court – we don’t.
  • We will help you both to agree on any decisions about your divorce, children, and finances.
  • Divorce Negotiator will complete all the forms that a solicitor can.
  • We will ensure the agreements are legally binding.
  • Best of all – we will be cheaper and quicker

By using our service, you will be legally divorced in exactly the same way as if you went down the solicitor route. The only difference is that you will be able to pocket more of your settlement. You will have a faster divorce and you will not spend most of your matrimonial assets getting there.


For those who want further guidance. We are a cost-effective alternative to going to court.  Most people who use our service reach an agreement very quickly.  We take the time to guide and support both of you through the whole process, and we care for your individual needs.

Our divorce service provides everything you need for an uncontested divorce.  It allows you to save money, while still having the reassurance of support from a specialist divorce consultant.

 If you want to save thousands of pounds.  Call our Divorce Law Experts on 08001 777 702 for a FREE initial consultation.

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