Premium Divorce Service

premium divorce service

Premium Divorce Service with Consent Order

From £799, we manage the entire divorce process for you and draft a consent order.

Our Premium Service is for people who would like an expert to handle the entire process of their divorce. With the Premium Service, you get:

  • Divorce petition drafted.
  • Clean Break Consent Order drafted.
  • All communication with the court.

We believe that the Premium Service is the best divorce service available in England and Wales.

We have a money-back guarantee to back up this statement.

As part of the initial 30-minute consultation, we will advise if you are eligible for a full or partial exemption of the court fee (currently £550.00). We will take all your details required to complete the petition.  We will advise on the reasons for divorce to avoid antagonising your ex as much as possible.

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What is included:-

  • 30 minute consultation.
  • Filing your petition with court.
  • Filing your application for decree nisi.
  • Filing your application for decree absolute.
  • Chasing the Respondent to return the Acknowledgement of Service (to a maximum of 30 minutes).
  • Handling all queries with court (phone and email)
  • Arranging Process serving if required (not process serving fees)
  • Amendments for petitions (but not any associated court fees)
  • Drafting your clean-break consent order
  • Complete and submit the D81 Form
  • Complete and submit the Legal advice statement

What is not included:-

  • The court fee (£593 unless you are exempt or partially exempt)
  • Any additional process serving fees
  • Any additional court fees
  • Additions to the consent order including property, savings, pensions, investments, stocks, shares, business assets, child maintenance and spousal maintenance

Please Note: If the respondent does return the Acknowledgement of Service or decides to defend the divorce, we are not able to process the divorce under this package. We will process the divorce but under our hourly rate cost basis.


  1. Click the button below to start your divorce process
  2. You make a payment of £799
  3. Have a 30-minute consultation
  4. Email us a copy of your marriage certificate

We guarantee to complete the petition within two working days of receiving the payment.

Important notes

  • Always ensure you have your original marriage certificate
  • Always ensure the certificate is legally translated where necessary
  • You will need your dissolution (decree absolute) certificate if you want to re-marry
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