Managed Divorce Service

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Our Managed Divorce Service helps couples who have simple divorce requirements but prefer to have a helping hand.

  • You get a 30-minute consultation so we can gather all the information we need to proceed.
  • There is information we need on your marriage certificate so try and have it to hand for our phone call
  • We advise if you are eligible for a full or partial exemption of the court fee (currently £550.00)
  • From the information you give us, we will populate the four forms from petition to decree absolute
    • Application for full or partial exemption
    • We will need to know if you are on any benefits, along with your national insurance number, the value of any savings and your monthly net income.
    • We file your petition with the court.
    • We file your application for decree nisi.
    • We file your application for decree nisi to be made absolute.

It may surprise you to know 70% of divorce petitions filed by parties are returned because they are filled out incorrectly? This can delay your divorce by 2-3 months.

So it’s important to use a trusted and trained professional who has the skill and experience in dealing with legal forms.

What is not included:-

  • The court fee (£550 unless you are exempt or partially exampt)
  • Chasing the Respondent to return the Acknowledgement of Service.
  • Calls to court
  • Emails to court
  • Correspondence on financial matters
  • Process serving if required
  • Amendments for petitions
  • Notifying the court of change of address

All the above can be offered at an additional fee

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Important notes

  • Always ensure you have your original marriage certificate
  • Always ensure the certificate is legally translated where necessary
  • The court will retain the marriage certificate unless you withdraw your petition
  • You will use your dissolution certificate if you want to remarry
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