Divorce Service

Classic Divorce

For £299, we provide a cost-effective divorce service for you

Our Divorce Service helps couples who have simple divorce requirements but prefer to have a helping hand.  This service is perfect for people who don’t like forms!

You get a 30-minute consultation for us to gather all the information we need to proceed.

As part of the initial 30-minute consultation, we will apply for full or partial exemption of the court fee (currently £550.00) if you are on a low income.

We take the details required to complete the forms, and will help you with the reasons for divorce if you are finding it difficult.

We expect you have been trawling the web looking and comparing all the divorce services. Well, we are not the cheapest but we are the best.
So what you are you looking for?

  • Someone you can work with?
  • Someone who makes you feel at ease?
  • Someone you feel you can trust?
  • Someone who will answer your call after office hours?
  • Someone you can call at the weekend?

When it comes to service our view is you should always buy the best.

We offer all the above and more…

  • Someone who will give you your money back if you feel you have not received the service you were promised.

We are proud to say we have never had been asked to return a clients money.

What is included :-

  • 30 minute consultation.
  • Filing your petition with court.
  • Receive the Acknowledgement of Service and forward it to you.
  • Filing your application for decree nisi.
  • Receive the Certificate of Entitlement and forward it to you.
  • Filing your application for decree absolute.
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What is not included :-

  • The court fee (£550 unless you are exempt or partially exempt)
  • Correspondence on financial matters
  • Any additional process serving fees including arrangement fees
  • Any additional court fees
  • Chasing the Respondent to return the Acknowledgement of Service.
  • Handling queries with court (phone and email)
  • Amendments for petitions and any associated court fees
  • Notifying the court of change of address

All the above can be offered at an additional fee

Important notes

  • Always ensure you have your original marriage certificate
  • Always ensure the certificate is legally translated where necessary
  • You will use your dissolution (decree absolute) certificate if you want to remarry
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