Lump Sum Payments

Lumpsum payments
Lump Sum Payments are sums of money that one party pays to another. (the other spouse or child(ren)) as part of the divorce financial settlement. Depending on the assets that are available, a lump sum can be paid in one go or by a small number of instalments.

Lump sum payments are a useful way of obtaining a clean break. No future financial ties between the divorcing couple. Lump sum payments can also be used in a variety of other ways. To compensate a party for their interest in the family home. For pension, or other assets such as endowment policies.

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Size of payment

The size of the lump must will be in line with the amount of assets that are available to the family. If your main priority is to achieve a clean break, it may be necessary to borrow further funds. This may be by getting a loan. It could be a remortage. You can make a lump sum payment and avoid ongoing spousal maintenance payments.

Divorce Negotiator will assist you. Guide you through the options available. Achieve financial independence for each of you. We will discuss your options. These may include lump sum payments. How we achieve it. So that each of you can continue to support themselves after divorce.

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