Form E Financial Disclosure Form

Financial Disclosure Form  E – is it needed or not?

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A lot of detail is required to complete the form, and you might wonder why you are being asked for some of the information. When parties go to 2 independent solicitors, this form is always required.

The form will be submitted to the court.  You are then under a legal obligation to provide full and frank disclosure. Failure to do so could result in sanctions, including criminal proceedings for fraud if you are deliberately untruthful.

We use the form in the following situations:

  • When couples cannot agree on their financial settlement
  • Where one party has not been involved in the finances of the marriage.

We use the form to ensure that parties are firstly agreeded what size of the marital pot actually is. The form will not be submitted to the court, but you are under a legal obligation to provide full and frank disclosure. But we wont be sending you to prison.

The purpose of the form is to help you to provide full details of your financial arrangements.

If you and your spouse have agreed the financial matters, there is no need for either of you to fill in a Form E.

The form does appear to be complicated so we therefore recommend you use the Form E Guide (see below) or  consult us for help:

Form E Financial Disclosure and Guide

To receive this free pdf, already used by thousands of divorcing couples, simply click below:

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