DIY Divorce Plus Service

DIY Divorce Plus

For £99+VAT, we complete the forms for you.

If you are concerned about completing the forms by yourself, our experienced Divorce Negotiators can do it for you.

Our DIY Divorce Service Plus helps couples who have simple divorce requirements but prefer to have a helping hand.

  • You get a 15 minute consultation so we can gather all the information we need to proceed.
  • There is information we need on your marriage certificate so try and have it to hand for our phone call
  • We advise if you are eligible for a full or partial exemption of the court fee (currently £550.00)
  • From the information you give us we will populate the four forms from petition to decree absolute
    • Divorce Petition
    • Letter to court to take payment
  • Completed form will be returned to you within 2 working days ready for you to sign and send to the court (recorded delivery)

It may surprise you to know 70% of divorce petitions filed by parties are returned because they are filled out incorrectly? This can delay your divorce by 2-3 months.

  1. Call us on 0800 177 7702 or click here to book a 15 minute consultation
  2. Our experienced Divorce Negotiators will take all the necessary details to complete the Divorce petition on your behalf.
  3. You make a payment of £99
  4. We send you the divorce petition so you can file it with the court.

We guarantee to complete the petition within 2 working days of receiving the payment.

Important notes

  • Always ensure you have your original marriage certificate
  • Always ensure the certificate is legally translated where necessary
  • The court will retain the marriage certificate unless you withdraw your petition
  • You will use your dissolution certificate if you want to re marry
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