DIY Divorce Service

DIY Divorce

For £69 the forms will be downloaded and proof-checked

Some people struggle with legal terminology finding the court instructions hard to understand. We will send you simple instructions in layman’s terms.

Did you know over 70% of divorce petitions filed by parties are returned because they are filled out incorrectly? This can delay your divorce by 2-3 months.

We have devised a very simple process.

  1. You download the forms and instruction guide.
  2. Once completed email or post back to us to proof check. We will need to see your marriage certificate also to ensure the names are correct.
  3. We will confirm readiness for you to  file at court.

We guarantee to complete the checking process within 2 working days of receiving the returned divorce paperwork.

The forms you will download are checked to ensure they are the latest version used by the courts.

What is not included:-

  • Chasing the Respondent to return the Acknowledgement of Service.
  • Calls to court
  • Emails to court
  • Correspondence on financial matters
  • Process serving if required
  • Amendments for petitions
  • Notifying the court of change of address

All the above can be offered at an additional fee

Please note: You must have been married in England and Wales for more than 12 months to use these forms

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