Divorce Weekend

Divorce Weekend

Imagine having all the paperwork for your divorce and financial settlement completed in a weekend.
Imagine leaving all the tension behind, so you can stop worrying.

Well now you can divorce in a weekend

Sadly, a divorce absolute cannot be achieved in a weekend; we are dependent on the courts.  However, all the paperwork, the negotiating the settlement and child care can be completed in a weekend.  By Sunday lunchtime the paperwork will be ready to sign. After, we will file all paperwork with the court at the appropriate time.  Although the whole divorce process is still dependent on the courts, we estimate your divorce will be complete within 20-24 weeks.

You will receive expert impartial advice and meditation on how to achieve the settlement, throughout the weekend.  The arrangement needs to be fair to both parties. Otherwise, the judge will reject it.  With our advice, the settlement reached will be fair and suitable for filing with the court.

For us to get the divorce paperwork completed in just a weekend, there does need to be certain prerequisites:

  • Both parties to be agreeable to taking part in this.
  • They will need to be available on the same weekend.
  • Certain papers need to be collated beforehand (e.g., marriage certificate, assets valued, liabilities valued)

Divorce in a weekend – How does it work?

  1. Register below
  2. Have a free Skype consultation go through the process and ensure both parties are agreeable.
  3. Select a weekend agreeable to all parties
  4. Gather all relevant paperwork (we will tell you what you need)
  5. Check in at a hotel
    1. Saturday Morning – Complete divorce paperwork
    2. Saturday Afternoon – Complete individual financial statements / Child arrangements
    3. Sunday Morning – Complete Consent Order / Check all documents
    4. Sunday afternoon – Leave knowing all provisions for your divorce and consent order are complete.

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