Divorce Settlement

Do you need help with a divorce settlement? Let us help you to split your assets fairly. 

We deal with all elements of a divorce settlement including property transfer/sale, maintenance, pensions, lump sums, investments, savings and business assets.   

Sorting out the division of money during your divorce is the most daunting. Let us guide you through every part of the process, answering all your questions and assisting you to work out a fair divorce settlement. Whatever your needs, we can help.

Amicable Divorce

No Court, No Solicitors .– Divorce settlement

We work with you both to agree your divorce settlement – without going to court. The focus is always on keeping the case amicable. 

No court hearings means, you save money and time, helping you and your family to move on with your lives.

Ultimately, an amicable separation is the fastest and most cost-effective option. Not just in legal fees but in saving your assets.  

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What if you can’t agree on a settlement?

Some of our clients couldn’t agree a settlement having spent thousands with high street divorce solicitors. But in no time at all, they reached an agreement with us. This means our client saved thousands of pounds. 

Don’t let a solicitor or a judge decide your fate. Let us help you to reach an agreement. If you reach an agreement together, you are more.likely to stick to it and avoid the need to go to court. e will draft a consent order for you and ensure that the judge will grant it if it is fair. 

If you have already agreed how to split your assets, we can ensure that agreement is fair, so you know you are doing the right thing. We will then make sure that it is legally binding, by drafting into a legal format (called a consent order) and sending it to the court for you. Once your agreement has been approved by the court, you can be sure that no one can go back on their word and take you to court in the future. 

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We are confident that our experienced Divorce Negotiators will provide you with a professional and friendly service. which represents excellent value for money. But don’t just take our word for it – see what our clients have to say.

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