Divorce Services

To help you find the best service to suit your needs, please answer the following questions.

Do you have finances to divide as part of the divorce?

This will include property, pensions, stocks and shares, business assets and inheritence.


Do you know the current address of your Ex?


Do you require mediation?

This involves helping you decide how to divide your assets, and come to an agreement over any children.


Divorce when you cannot locate your ex

Not knowing where your ex-partner lives does not always mean you are going to use a solicitor and spend thousands of pounds getting a divorce.

There are some additional hurdles to get over with the court. As experts, we are well versed with dealing with complicated divorces.

If your spouse has moved abroad and there is very little chance of you obtaining their address, the court can allow you to proceed with the divorce in many cases.

If your spouse is still in the UK, the court will want you to find the address where possible. Sometimes the court can trace your spouse if you are financailly dependent on your spouse.

There are a number of different routes you can take and our fixed fee service will allow you to obtain a divorce.

Fee: £700

Court Fee: £593 (max)

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Divorce Service

Our Divorce Service helps couples who have simple divorce requirements but prefer to have a helping hand. This service is perfect for people who don’t like forms! We will process all the paperwork for you.

You get a 30-minute consultation for us to gather all the information we need to proceed.

As part of the initial 30-minute consultation, we will determine whether you are likely to be exempt of the court fee if you are on a low income.

We take the details required to complete the forms, and will help you with the reasons for divorce if you are finding it difficult.


Court Fee: £593 (max)

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Consent Order

A Consent Order is a voluntary agreement entered into by 2 parties getting divorced. It is created to prevent either party from making any claims against the other’s future income and/or assets. Without a Consent Order, either party can make a claim against the other’s finances.

The completion of the divorce through the pronouncement of the Decree Absolute does not, by itself, prevent one party making a claim against the other’s income or assets. This requires a Consent Order.

You will receive a 60 minute consultation to gather the information required. You will need to have a clear idea on how your assets are to be divided

We will draft the consent order for you.


This Service is to help couples with joint financial commitments. Often, couples require more help in managing their divorce settlement. Through this service, our negotiators understand the importance of ensuring that all finances are properly declared, assessed and settled between both parties. Our negotiators have vast experience in helping couples in the decision making when dividing complex assets.

This could include a range of assets including:- Large pensions, investments, inheritance and trusts, businesses, multiple properties, overseas properties.

We will draft the consent order and provide mediation to help you achieve the outcome you require.

Often mediators charge £150 per hour per person. this is in addition to the solicitor cost to draft the consent order.

£180 per hour per couple

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