Informal hour with cheese and wine

Divorce Seminar

Join us for an hour with wine and cheese in a cheerful environment and learn about the divorce process, and how to achieve a divorce quickly and amicably.

Bring a friend, family member or even your soon-to-be Ex.

During the evening you will receive expert advice on how you can achieve the best possible outcome for divorce.  Ask those questions you were too afraid to ask.  Discover how to achieve the best divorce for YOU!

What started it? What really went wrong?
Forget the blame and learn to move on.
Remembering when two became one.
Is a memory to keep, but if marriage is done?
Everyone knows what’s best for you.
But much of it is often untrue.
Finding the time for a free consultation
To understand our divorce legislation
Let us make this easy for you
With a glass of wine and cheese for two
With a friend or a spouse or come with another
Our dignified divorce is like no other
The days are gone when you must argue and shout
Life is too short and screaming is out
If you do one positive thing today
Reserve a space and you’re on your way.


When: 22nd August 2018, 29th August 2018, 5th September 2018, 12th September 2018

Registration: 7pm–7.15pm

Location: 179A Pack Lane, Basingstoke, RG22 5HW

Seminar: 7.30 pm–8:30 p.m.

Cost: free

Program Details

7:15pm- Introduction

7:30 -7:45pm – What’s going on in the divorce court house

The divorce process and legal fees

Protecting you legally and financially

Working with one or both parties

8:15-8:30pm – Questions & Answers

Take home a free bottle of wine and a discount voucher valid for 6 months


  • An informal evening in a cheerful environment
  • Learn how to avoid the possible pitfalls of the current divorce system
  • Discover how to simplify the divorce process
  • In open and private discussion of divorce concerns
  • Talk with others having similar anxieties
  • Question and Answer time
  • Listen to the advice given to others which may be similar to yours
  • At the end of the evening you will leave with a bottle of red or white wine and a discount code valid for 6 months
  • You may even make a new friend or two.


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