Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

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Whether you have been advised to receive divorce mediation or you have come to the decision yourself, it can be a big help to getting through your divorce amicably.

If one party has never dealt with any of the finances within the marriage, and if you cannot agree on the values of your assets, then mediation is imperative.  We will take the same approach as the courts, in identifying the value of assets but without going to court.  Sometimes the value of an asset in disagreement is less than the cost of fighting in court. Why argue over something if you do not gain anything from it.  Our mediation approach will save you money long term.

A divorce mediator often charge £150 per person per hour. Divorce Negotiator charge £180 per hour per couple.

That is a saving of £120 per hour when you combine the costs for the couple.

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Divorce Mediator vs Divorce Negotiator

Let’s start by stating what a divorce mediator can do for you.
A divorce mediator can advise you on:

  • How to talk and listen to each other
  • How to come to amicable decisions
  • How to divide your assets
  • How to split access to the children

A divorce mediator CANNOT take you through the divorce, completing forms, communicating with the court.

This is where a Divorce Negotiator is different,  A Divorce Negotiator can do all the above plus the following:

  • Complete all the divorce forms and file them at court
  • Communicate with the court to resolve any issues
  • Draft the financial settlement
  • Hold your hand and are a shoulder to cry on

At Divorce Negotiator we help you through every step of your divorce, from initial advice, completing the forms for court to completing a Financial Consent Order.

We are with you every step of the way, so we are always there to help.  Call 0800 177 7702 to make an appointment.

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