Divorce Mediation and Consent Order

Divorce mediation Consent Order

Our Divorce Mediation Consent Order Service is here to help couples who have more complex financial commitments.  Often, couples require more help in managing their divorce settlement. Through this service, our negotiators understand the importance of ensuring that all finances are properly declared, assessed and settled between both parties.  Our negotiators have vast experience in managed divorce, and so can assist in the decision making when dividing complex assets.

This could include a range of assets including:-

  • large pensions
  • investments
  • inheritance and trusts
  • businesses
  • multiple properties
  • overseas properties

It’s  important to use a trusted and trained professional who has skill and experience in dealing with financial settlements of this complexity.

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Financial Settlements

There is no set formula to working out a financial settlement as every situation is unique depending on the finances involved.  Most noteworthy the settlement may involve an asset split such as;-

  • property transfer
  • pension sharing.
  • property offsetting.
  • trust of land
  • order for sale
  • transfer with charge back
  • global orders
  • mesher orders

And as a result, through negotiations with both parties we can determine what the courts will deem fair so you can move on with your lives.

When working with both parties it allows us to help both you come to a fair and amicable agreement when you separate.  We don’t take sides and we guide you through the divorce process.


Some examples of situations were parties require mediation

  • one party is adamant what they want from the settlement and doesnt want to settle for any thing less
  • neither party know what would be fair in the eyes of the law
  • one party has never been involved in the fmaily finances and feels rather vulnerable
  • one party is not willing to disclose their assets
  • both parties know where they want to get to but cannot see how to acheive it
  • there are assets but none that are realisable for cash today
  • a large asset is tied up in a pension and they need to share it
  • parties are unable to discuss the finances because its just ends in arguments
  • your solicitor has told you need mediation before they can file an application at court


Often parties disagree about the grounds for divorce and the information that should be presented to the court. These issues can lead to the divorce being held up, your spouse refusing the sign the paperwork and/or being contested.  We minimise the risk of this happening, by helping you both to come to an agreement before any paperwork is sent off to court.  This could allow you to speed up the process so your divorce is completed within 30 weeks which includes your divorce settlement. Our service ensures that you and your partner get a quick amicable divorce without any court hearings or expensive solicitors – saving you time and money.

After an initial conversation to talk through the aspects of divorce, some couples decide that they do not wish to divorce right away – this can be due to a whole array of reasons; current financial affairs, duration of marriage or religious views. We are able to draw up a separation agreement which sets out the arrangements of your separation including financial settlements, children arrangements, and living arrangements.

Whats included

  • Consultations as and when you require
  • Direct contact with us from 9am to 9pm seven days a week
  • Talking through the divorce with you both and best grounds without upsetting one party
  • Disclosing of your assets and how best we can acheive a settlement which works for you both
  • Looking at pension sharing or offsetting
  • How best to deal with the marital home now or in the future
  • Caring for the children
  • Parenting plans
  • Preparation of all forms for divorce
  • Negotiating the settlement
  • Drafting the settlement for filing at court
  • Finally dissolving the marriage

Here is a selection of links to sites that offer some further advice to help you make the decisions ahead of you.  Companies that we continue to work closely with and offer an excellent service.





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