High net worth divorce

Worried about losing an unfair division of your net worth?

The need to protect substantial finances, properties, assets and international interests – not to mention children, custody, and maintenance – can be extremely complex.

Divorce lawyers rub their hands with glee when they anticipate the divorce of a high net worth couple.  With endless billable hours chasing down details of assets, properties, businesses, boats etc, the only people benefiting from the divorce are the lawyers.

At Divorce negotiator, we provide the better level of service at a fraction of the cost.

We do this, by working for either both parties or individuals. We are specialists in high net worth divorce and can help you achieve the result you want.

Divorce for high net worth people

So why do people go to solicitors?

1. They didn’t know there was another service available.

2. They thought they had to.

3.  A friend recommended a solicitor to them.

4. They want to ensure their divorcing spouse gets as little as possible.

5.  They had a spare £100k plus to give away to a solicitor.

6.  They hate their soon to be ex

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So how does it work with Solicitors?

At the initial consultation, they will discuss the divorce but it is your finances they are interested in. When you start to talk about large pensions, large houses, businesses, and trusts, they become more interested. They tell you to fill you both fill out form E before they can advice. This is where they can see exactly what you are worth. But more importantly, they can see how long they can drag this divorce out and what billable hours they can achieve.

Double up on this since your spouse will probably do the same.

Your solicitor tells you one thing and your spouse’s solicitor tells them the opposite.

Your solicitor tells you the very best case scenario. but they tell it to you in a way you believe it is the law! I’m sorry to tell you it is not. There isn’t s graph that states if you earn this you will pay this. or if your assets are this you get this. What the solicitor means but does not express it, is it is what they would like to achieve for you. They know your spouse’s solicitor is saying the same but different words to your spouse. They know how to spend your money.

The letters go backward and forwards and tensions heat up, now you have two people who stopped wanting to be married and now hate each other. This stress period goes on for 12-18 months which affects the whole family.

Divorce for high net worth people

So why would you chose Divorce Negotiator?

1.  You want to get divorced without all the hatred that can go with a divorce.

2.  You want to be divorced in 6 months.

3.  You want a personal service for a fraction of the price.

4.  You want us to be there 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm.

5.  You want to share the assets you have fairly.

6.  You want to keep as much of your money in your own pocket.

7.  You want to decide how your assets should be shared.

8.  You don’t want a Judge, who knows nothing about you, tell you what ‘he thinks’ is best for you both.

9.  You want someone who knows legal system and how not to get caught in a big expensive court battle.

10. You want to teach your children how divorce does not need to split the family completely.


We work very similarly to Solicitors. Form E will still need to be prepared to ensure you both know what is in the marital pot to be shared. Once you are both agreed, we can look at a number of options of how this can be split.

We ask each party what they want to achieve, what is important to them. The bit in the middle they cannot agree on is where we help you most to look at alternatives.

We may need outside professionals to values business or get pensions in payments to be equal. This can all be done for a fraction of what two solicitors would charge you.

If you cannot agree on the values we will work in the same way as the court. You both agree on three valuers, chose one, jointly instruct one. The value the independent reaches cannot be disputed.



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