Divorce Settlement

How to get a Divorce

When you first start thinking about divorce, you may go and seek advice from a solicitor and normally suggest you only communicate through them.

This method often intensifies conflict between you and your spouse. It will also increase the cost and time it takes to get divorced.


How to have an amicable divorce – We have a different approach

Our aim is to defuse the conflict, not to increase it.

The end of a marriage or a relationship is tragic, and the process of divorcing only adds to the pain.  Divorcing can be especially costly, financially and emotionally to all involved.

Many family solicitors seek to reach amicable resolutions to couples,  but the truth of the matter is: most people see the solicitors as the only winners.  Husband and wife want to go in different directions, it doesn’t have to be this way. A growing number of parting couples have developed the amicable process model.

How to get a divorce

Our model is designed to protect the interests of children and to help protect the privacy of the parties. The focus in the amicable process is to find solutions that are workable for the parties by building on areas of mutual agreement. Divorce ends a marriage but needs not sever family ties or relationships. Lifelong responsibilities remain, especially where there are children.. By preserving respect and encouraging cooperation, our amicable way can assist parents and children keep family bonds while embracing new lives.

We offer a supportive team approach with trained professionals ready to assist you.

The amicable approach gives the parties more control, but it is not magic or stress-free.

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We encourage amicable divorce to work in collaboration with both parties. So you can separate with dignity and respect. We work with you both to ensure that your divorce runs smoothly and ends as quickly as possible.

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