Children & Divorce – What should parents know

 Children and Divorce What parents should know

Divorce can have a major impact on children. For the benefit of the family divorce must be handled correctly. An amicable divorce is the best option for a divorcing family.

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An amicable divorce focuses on children and ensures that post-divorce parenting is possible.

To demonstrate, going through an amicable divorce it’s important to plan the care of the children. Keep in mind, the child’s needs and who they will live with. What the contact arrangements will be and how much child maintenance is payable.

When couples are in the middle of a stressful divorce, it may be difficult for them to place the children’s interests first. At Divorce Negotiator we work with both parties to discuss issues surrounding the care of their children. Where necessary, formulate this into our unique parenting agreement. You know what to expect from each other as you continue to parent your children after your divorce.

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Your role as a parent is to help your children adjust to divorce, for instance setting boundaries, routines, and limits is an important aspect of parenting. To demonstrate shared parenting has shown that a 50/50 split is beneficial to children’s well being.

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Having two places to call home can be confusing for your offspring in the early stages. With this in mind moving from household to household means change, and kids are not known for welcoming disruptions to their routines. A child can have the excitement of a new home to explore. Many children found that there are good things and bad things about having two home. At first, you’ll probably spend a lot of time getting used to each new place.

In conclusion many children with two homes have found that it’s helpful to have routines they can rely on at each place.

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