We’ve got a problem and need to talk.

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It took me two years to come to the decision. I was hoping it would improve so as not to impact my 16 year old daughter too much; so I’d put it off.

I went away on my own – my husband wouldn’t come. I went to CAB and asked them how divorce works.

After 3 minutes with a solicitor I realised that I just didn’t take to her and certainly couldn’t work with her. My husband wasn’t happy with sorting it out.

The tipping point was after we swore at each other over an issue in the garden.

My husband wouldn’t listen – he thought the problem was with me.

I’d heard about Carol and called her.

When I handed him the divorce papers he went mad. For three months he made my life a living hell. We had a big fight and I moved into a one-bedroomed house. My daughter was caught up in this of course and was quite horrible to me for a month. She hadn’t really seen it coming – I really didn’t want to involve her but she went to my mum who had seen it coming.

At this point, I was thinking, ‘What have I done?’

I tried to get my husband to see Carol, but we had a long rocky ride from his solicitors. Carol was always 10 steps ahead of his solicitor. She’d anticipate all the moves from his solicitor and say, “I’ve been expecting this.”

His solicitor was in fact, a nightmare – deliberately dragging things out. He was never wanting to find agreement whereas Carol would always reconcile the issues.

When they were trying to fleece him through a potential inheritance, he become afraid to even call his solicitor! The calls costs were building up hugely. My godson endorsed this when, in similar circumstances, he received a bill for £450 for one letter!

Numerous friends saw it coming. It was a shock to most but not a surprise in the end. They were almost in denial. It’s at times like this that you need your friends. When it was all over, they remarked on how I’d changed. I’d been looking really ill and they told me how much better I was looking now.

Carol and I have become friends. She was always there; always understanding. She has remarkable insight. I needed a reality check sometimes and needed to let off steam. She was always there for me. She has a heart of gold – even when I needed my backside kicked. She’s a real pro; she tells you like it is. Can solicitors do that?

You often think there is no light at the end of the tunnel. My husband’s solicitors, dragged it out; they tried to run me down. It’s such a relief when I could always call Carol and she’d always phone back same day.

At one stage his solicitor was calling me every hour to put pressure on me. Carol intervened and checked their bullying and showed me – and them – the way forward to a resolution.

Carol’s guidance was around “you can do it this way”, “you don’t have to do that.” Her knowledge of all the processes is clear and concise.

She’s a brilliant person and I recommend her without hesitation.

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