The turning point for me was when I realised that I just needed the children and a computer to be happy and earn money.


The children were 10 and 7 – difficult ages, of course, but Carol showed us how to get over these hurdles, how to remain civilized all through the process by concentrating on “what is best for the children” rather than “what do I want?” She worked with us to make sure that the children knew that they were still loved, despite the divorce.

As soon as things started happening, when my husband went away, his communication went off the scale…he was calling me and the kids every day, even when he knew I was at work. Often just short messages asking how we were.

My husband certainly changed as the acrimony lessened and when we met Carol together, it was a really professional meeting.

Carol never took sides and she certainly took no nonsense from me!

 I wanted my husband out of the house asap but Carol made it clear that my husband would leave when he was ready, not when I thought he should. This gave him the reassurance he needed that she wasn’t all on my side, which made him act reasonably.

Carol made sure there was a solution for both of us – without ever needing a lawyer, let alone two. Where my husband thought there was going to be conflict in the meeting, Carol made sure we stayed on course. There was no need for court, thank heavens. I was really worried about that.

The children were always at the forefront of our arrangements.

All emails from Carol after the meeting were open and transparent to us both.

We always felt we were getting professional advice and her approach meant we were undaunted by the paperwork. Carol is objective and fair and helped us to always be mindful of the children.

Going the route of Divorce Negotiator, we completed our divorce a year before friends of ours, who started at the same time as us. DN was worth every single penny; in fact, I cannot even remember what we paid Carol now, but it was insignificant compared to what we knew about solicitors’ fees – and the time they take.

The process has in no way traumatised the children, me, or my ex-husband. Carol kept us away from acrimony and from lawyers!

We have each recommend DN to people in similar situations and will always do willingly

The turning point for me was when I realised that I just needed the children and a computer to be happy and earn money. was last modified: November 7th, 2016 by Carol Sullivan

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