The service I received helped me to deal more effectively with my problems…


I knew the options available to me because of a previous divorce, and while the government website is very good at giving a comprehensive overview of what to do, it doesn’t help with the nitty gritty and nuances of filling out paperwork. Initially, we both went to Solicitors. DIY divorce did enter my head, but I was wary of unforeseen twists and turns, however when I was told that there was a possibility of her solicitors not agreeing to the divorce, I decided that negotiated settlement was the way forward. In hindsight, I should have got divorced 5 to 8 years earlier. What stopped me was the sense of loss of family and the financial consequences of a lifetime of effort to build a secure, if unexciting base, from which we could all live. The potential of seeing that ripped apart and trying to salvage things for the better was a big factor for me. Once I came to terms with what the loss on these fronts was going to be, the decision to go ahead was much easier.

Divorce Negotiator were excellent – I received a service that was above and beyond what I was expecting. Carol was extremely helpful and if she was not immediately available, responses to any queries I had were received swiftly. The service I received helped me to deal more effectively with my problems, and I would have no hesitations about recommending Divorce Negotiator to a friend in need of similar help.

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