The process was so much better going through Divorce Negotiator.

We heard the ad on Eagle radio.

Her mother was funding the other solicitor. My ex-wife was looking into my past and spending thousands along the route. All a complete waste of expense. I was getting really worried that my divorce was going to get pricey.

My wife was after 75% of the equity and 25% of my wages.

Carol was great and diffused the fire and brought my wife back to reality mainly through email and phone. My ex-wife didn’t like the information that was going to and fro. Carol explained everything and took out all the crap.

It was so stressful with the solicitor who couldn’t deal with my wife’s unreasonable behaviour which was really fickle. Carol used marvellous calming influences and gave me my self-confidence back.

I definitely will recommend Divorce Negotiator; it was so much cheaper than going through solicitors.

One of my friends told me he’d paid his solicitor £25,000 for a divorce – then said he could have done a better job himself!

I would often email Carol after work and she’d respond at 20.00. How many solicitors would do that?!

The process was so much better going through Divorce Negotiator. was last modified: November 7th, 2016 by Carol Sullivan

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