My husband demanded divorce but refused to communicate with me


One day my husband left our family home and didn’t come home. My grown up children and I were shocked and bewildered by this behaviour and further lack of communication.

Six months later, out of the blue I received a letter stating he wanted a divorce. Not only that but he would no longer support us financially and – worst of all – my husband wanted the house sold.

This put me in a complete panic, not only was it our family home but my children had lived all their lives and grown up there. It was our only remaining point of stability and so we felt like a rug had been pulled from under our feet.


A friend recommended calling Divorce Negotiator. Terrified at first, I made the call and was put at ease by Linda who arranged for me to go and meet with Carol for some initial advice. It was my best move to date.

Carol immediately calmed me by being reassuring, factual and down to earth. She advised me of my options, one of which was to take control and file for divorce myself, and she agreed to contact my husband on my behalf.

To my surprise, and testament to Carol’s excellent negotiating skills (not to mention the money he would save avoiding the use of solicitors) my husband agreed to a negotiated divorce on the terms that he would only speak to Carol and not to me.

From that point on Carol dealt with everything, easing us through the entire process. At times she was my sounding board and was always empathetic but at the same time gave sensible advice without ‘pandering to whims’ on either side.


Divorce Negotiator removed my fear of losing my home. Carol built a line of communication with my estranged husband and negotiated a settlement that meant not only was I able to remain in my home but my children also receive regular maintenance, even though legally we couldn’t have insisted upon that. My decree absolute came through earlier this month and I am thrilled and relieved it’s over. Thanks to Carol I kept my dignity throughout the process and I am now a happy single lady who can hold her head up high and doesn’t hate her ex. An outcome I could have only dreamed of without Carol.

My now EX husband is happy with the resolution (I’m told) – no doubt mainly because so much money was saved on solicitor costs! I’m sure that for him, just like me, the fact that the whole process was made as painless as it could be in difficult circumstances is a huge relief.

I am more than happy to recommend Divorce Negotiator to anyone considering how to resolve the issues and concerns thrown up by divorce in any circumstances.


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