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Our client, lets call him James, originally came to Divorce Negotiator with help for his divorce, but it quickly became apparent he was in more need of additional legal help.

In a role as a McKenzie Friend, Carol was able to offer James advice to how to defend himself when additional allegations were made against him.

James’ wife made 5 serious allegations against him including, child abuse, bodily harm, strangulation, non-molestation.  These allegations were taken seriously by the police, and the CPS.  The CPS agreed that there was a case against James.  The cases were all based on the word of James’ wife.  It resulted in James getting arrested and spending a night in jail and then being placed on bail.

This had a devastating effect on James’ work.  He was a consultant in the construction industry, where an exemplary record is required to get on to site.  With a legal case hanging over his head, he was unable to work.

Also, James was asked to leave the family home immediately.  He left with clothes in bin-liners with nowhere to go.  Luckily a friend stepped in to offer a place to stay, but it was in Cornwall, over 200 miles from his family home and children.  His wife continued to make allegations, telling the police she feared for her life, despite James being over 200 miles away.  She would also phone and beg him to come back. She was obviously a very confused woman who didn’t know which way to turn.

When the case came to court, James needed legal representation, but without a job, financing legal representation was going to be a problem.  Legal fees could be £15000 to £20000.

Carol Sullivan offered advice as to how to progress through the legal system, giving James the details of a direct-access barrister.  Representing himself, and with the help of the barrister, when the case came to court, James found himself in the dock for 90 minutes without the ability to call witnesses.  However, his wife was able to call numerous witnesses.

It soon became apparent, there was no case at all, and every allegation was overturned. Despite the CPS finding no further action, his wife pursued him through the civil courts

After taking Carols advice through the legal system, and her checking statements and other documents as well as advice to use a direct access barrister, James’ costs were less than £4500.  His wifes legal fees were thought to be in excess of £35000.

To make matters worse, all this took place during COVID lockdown.  James’ bad luck continued when he caught COVID-19, and suffered from long COVID.  His lung capacity was reduced by 45%

However, James has now regular access to his children, and with a new job is now able to get on with his life

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