My marriage fell apart for many reasons

We’d had problems for 15 years and were then thinking ‘enough is enough.’

Going through a divorce is quite possibly the hardest experience I’ve ever had to live through.

It’s always saddening when a relationship that you thought would last forever is finally over. Feelings of guilt and sadness can almost certainly cloud one’s judgement and heighten the pain or angst or can shatter one’s self confidence and self-esteem.

My marriage fell apart for many reasons. We’d had problems for 15 years and were then thinking ‘enough is enough’. My question and worry was, ‘how ever much will this all cost?’

You hear of these cases going into thousands. We weren’t on talking terms but started to scour the internet. We looked at Mediation, but Divorce Negotiator made sense, and it meant not having to go to two solicitors.

You cannot trust a solicitor as far as you can throw them. Ruthless. They work for their own interests, and they will always try and make an easy buck. With Divorce Negotiator, they dispense with formalities and the process is straightforward. When the two of us met with Divorce Negotiator, it was the first conversation I’d had with my wife for a year. We discussed divorce and mediation. We were not best buddies. I was bitter and twisted as I didn’t want to have to leave my children.

After seeing two solicitors there was a bagful of mixed emotions. But Divorce Negotiator brought us together. Their manner was human and I didn’t ever feel that I would get robbed. They laid down the bare facts – that’s what brought us together. Until that point, I actually wished that hell would swallow her up.

We planned the next steps and I felt really good and relived that we could settle amicably. My ex-wife is more of an ‘old-friend’ now. I had mixed thoughts about her but those have changed through Divorce Negotiator pointed out that my wife wasn’t the enemy. We needed to move forward.

Divorce Negotiator helped us to understand how the kids would deal with this; that I was still their daddy and they responded. They spend time with both of us now.

The Divorce Negotiator approach is certainly ‘in your face’ but it’s reassuring. It’s a transition and really doesn’t have to be like Kramer versus Kramer.

I’m actually amazed as to how many people have said, ‘How do you cope with it?’ ‘How do you deal with it?’  I decided that THIS is the way forward.

The meeting with DN was managed in a very comfortable yet professional manner that me feel at ease and enabled my wife and I to sort out the tricky bits.’ i.e. the finances without any animosity whatsoever. Carol’s expertise in this field is second to none.

I said to Divorce Negotiator, I’m going to walk away from this with nothing, as I see it.’ Divorce Negotiator told me ‘No, you’re not. The judge won’t allow that.’ Then I realised, ‘Hey, I do need my own place.’  Divorce Negotiator understood where I was, the place I was in, my frame of mind and understood that my mind set wasn’t stable.

Divorce Negotiator always considers that the client comes first, not building up huge fees. I know that solicitors would have taken advantage of my state of mind at the time.

I highly recommend Divorce Negotiator to enable you to have that amicable, sensible and respectful divorce.

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