We knew instantly we were talking to the right person!

Amicable Divorce
My ex-wife and I separated 9 years ago and we both thought it was the right time to see through a divorce. We were quite shocked when we went along to a solicitor who told us he could not represent both of us but that is the law of the land! We needed to demystify the whole process. We’d heard horrible stories about painful divorces and solicitors and, while this was still quite amicable, we decided not to instruct a solicitor who will only do what is best for his client, after all. My ex-wife appreciated that, too.

We heard about Divorce Negotiator on the radio and we knew instantly that we were talking to the right person!

Rather than hacking through solicitors and creating unnecessary cost, the Divorce Negotiator process was entirely transparent. We met with Carol who was completely impartial and explained the process – from end to end, how to protect ourselves and submissions to the court, etc.

There was complete empathy and it was person to person – it was even quite humorous sometimes. The process was made very clear to us and the Divorce Negotiator library of material was well-explained along with all the official forms.

We have already recommended people to Carol.

My ex-wife and I certainly both know that we saved a lot of time, effort and money using Divorce Negotiator.

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