I’d tried to end the marriage three times

We’d been married for over 25 years. I’d tried to end the marriage three times.  Each time I went to see a divorce solicitor – always nervous and apprehensive and obviously, distressed.

I could hardly understand all her jargon and certainly didn’t feel relaxed and confident with her.  I ended up backing away twice, partly because of the children and partly because I felt I couldn’t communicate with my solicitor. So many long unnecessary words!

After the third unsuccessful meeting with my solicitor, someone recommended Divorce Negotiator. I got on with Carol straight away – I could actually ‘talk’ to her.

There were some difficult complications during the divorce – including my husband’s attempt to claim half of my future inheritance!  He became increasingly angry and nasty.  The whole thing became a battle.  Carol always calmed both sides down unlike using two separate solicitors who would undoubtedly have taken months to resolve all the problems (and cost a fortune!).  Divorce Negotiator made it easy.  Carol knows the whole divorce process and always explained all the complicated steps, including the court procedure, in simple English!

My elderly mother had been seriously injured in a road accident at the time and was very poorly. She was in various hospitals for over seven months.  The whole time was very stressful.

Carol was a friendly advisor throughout; I could call her anytime. She consistently calmed me down. I knew I could phone her with any matter and that she would help. Always – she never failed to help.

Not everyone can easily bridge the distance between two parties – but Carol did. She would generally respond to my calls the same day. I was always glad of her quick response. The solicitor would take days and wasn’t approachable anyway.

It’s always encouraging to know that someone is seeing both sides of the argument.

Divorce can be bitter and twisted. Carol made us see the other side. She calmed us both down always with a view to getting a solution. She’s entirely approachable and never uses jargon.

I will be happy to recommended Carol and Divorce Negotiator.

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