Hanging on to bad relationships is not a good idea

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My marriage was having a strange effect on me. I was finding that I was needing support from NLP and was worried about my weight gain.

Hanging on to bad relationships is not a good idea. I was often in a really bad mood and my husband thought so, too. So, it was ‘decision made.’

He came up trumps with a ‘solution to our problems.’  He’d heard about Divorce Negotiator on the radio and suggested I gave them a call.

Carol from Divorce Negotiator called and said she’d need to see both of us and this would only really work if we were civilised.

I had already spoken with a lawyer, who, quite frankly, terrified me.

Desperation had crept in – I felt that if I went ahead, I was going to be destitute, no house, that I would be living in a cardboard box under a bridge. I didn’t know who would fight my corner. I was trapped and scared with the worst case scenario.

I was having regular tantrums at home – awful behaviour from me with the other person not responding.

I kept thinking ‘this is not who I am’.

He went away on business and never called. Occasional messages to the kids was all I really needed.

We weren’t sure which way to go but then met Carol who made the process really clear with the sets of papers and assembling all documentation.

As soon as I understood the process, she helped me to see that there is a way out of this and that calmed me. I could see the way ahead at last!

I agreed to take the blame for the divorce if needed. I was startled and disappointed at my own behaviour. Having gone through stages of swearing and throwing things around – which I’d never done before – I realised, looking forward, that I would be a nicer person again.

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