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The service that I received from Divorce Negotiator was better than I could have ever expected, especially considering our circumstances. My divorce has been a particularly long and difficult case. Our financial circumstances were complicated and my wife had health issues that made things very difficult. But every aspect of the service provided by Divorce Negotiator was thorough, professional and efficient which helped us both a great deal through a very tough time.

I have to admit I was nervous about using Divorce Negotiator at first.  However, I was extremely impressed even by the first email that I received (my personal field of expertise is customer service including communications skills so I always look out for this). That first email was so well written and it addressed many of my concerns without being pushy in anyway. A follow up call which, because of all my questions, took about an hour was equally as impressive. They have the ideal negotiators to do this work; compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable.

I especially appreciated our negotiator’s common sense and guidance. It would have been very easy for my wife and I to get locked into a lengthy court case, so the practical approach that Divorce Negotiator had was really helped.

I especially found it a tremendous advantage that they have such good knowledge and experience of business and accounts.  My personal affairs were closely linked with my business and I cannot think of anyone else who would have been able to consider all the legal and business issues as efficiently and effectively as my negotiator did.

The BIG advantage of Divorce Negotiator is that we can all sit down together and talk to seek a solution which saved us massively in both time and fees. I will continue to promote the services of Divorce Negotiator whenever and wherever I can – it is an excellent service.

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