Divorce Does Have A Massive Impact On Children

I came to Divorce Negotiator last year through a family friend.

I’d had an hour’s session with a solicitor – in fact, hoping that we actually wouldn’t get a divorce. My husband wasn’t keen to see a solicitor – after all, the only winners are the solicitors. They would be billing us an hourly rate and a friend told me that they had racked up £20,000 and had still got nowhere!  We thought it just wouldn’t be a fair divorce. We have two young daughters; the younger was very confused; it was such a huge thing for her to understand. It does have a massive impact on children. Carol saw both of us and then me for an hour, alone.

While the whole divorce process is incredibly traumatic and emotional, I was very pleased that I met Carol to advise me through to a quick solution.

Carol was incredible and brought a calming influence. She was a great source of advice on many occasions and took us through to a fair conclusion; the whole emotional thing was still not great, but we did achieve the best arrangement possible.

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