Entitled to some of ex’s pension

Case Study

My husband and I had been divorced 5 years. We had no money when we got divorced. In fact we only had debt. That was why I didn’t think we needed a financial arrangement.

What’s the point, right, when you only have debt. But, I wasn’t aware I was entitled to some of ex’s pension. We had been married for 25 years and his employer had been paying into his pension for him all the time he worked there.

Then I read one of Divorce Negotiator’s blogs and that made me start to think. He was just about to retire and the kids told me Dad was about to cash his pension. To cut a long story short, I was entitled to some it. He was not prepared to talk about it. I had to take him to court but I did get £75,000. I was only looking to get what was fair and never wanted to bleed him dry (his words).

So if you came away from a marriage with nothing think again. Sort the finances even if you think you have nothing. You may have a pension entitlement.


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