Pleased when I found Divorce Negotiator

Case Study - pleased

I was so pleased when I found Divorce Negotiator. I never knew this kind of service was out there.

My Husband walked out on us ten years ago and from that day to this I have never heard from him. I hadn’t thought about divorce until I finally met someone who I adore and asked me to marry him.

People think that just because you have been separated, divorce will be simple. Let me tell you it isn’t. But Divorce Negotiator told me that I could apply for divorce on the presumption of death since it was over seven years. I had to tell the court everything I had done to try and find him.  But in the end, everything ended at a brick wall and there was nothing I could do.

The divorce went through smoothly with the help of Divorce Negotiator and now I am just about to get married again. Thank you Carol and Linda for all your help.


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