All of our case studies are examples of clients that we have helped through the divorce process to achieve a fair and affordable divorce.


We had an amicable Divorce

  I used the services of Divorce Negotiator after I found them on google and I’m glad I did.  They were very efficient and made my divorce much easier than I had expected.  The whole process was very amicable even if  my ex and I were not always.  They always managed to keep us on Read More

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Amicable Divorce

I recently used the services of Divorce Negotiator

  I found the whole process a much better experience than my first divorce.  The staff were always on hand when I called with a question and responded to my emails very quickly.  My wife was not prepared to use their services and used a solicitor instead.  She told me after she wished she had, Read More

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Quick Divorce

I Put off Getting a Divorce for Years

  I put off getting a divorce for years, everyone had an opinion, none of it good and it all scared me.  My ex wasn’t bothered either way.  I was driving to Reading when I heard Divorce Negotiators ad on the radio and I’m really pleased I did I called them the next day.  By Read More

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Amicable Divorce

Open and Honest Advice for Divorce

            Divorce Negotiator was fantastic from start to finish.  They gave open and honest advice to us both.  What I liked the most was how impartial they were.  I never felt they were taking sides though I still felt supported throughout the process.  An excellent service for much less than Read More

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How to get a quick divorce

Excellent independent Service

Carol provides an excellent independent service which cuts through the costly legal issues normally related to dealing with solicitors. Her practical approach to the financial issues of divorce give you both hope and confidence that it is possible to get a resolution without feeling that the only winners are the legal advisers!  There will be Read More

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Amicable divorce

Emotional but Amicable Divorce

  Frankly, I did not want the divorce, but my ex had found someone else and my head was in the clouds.  I knew that I had to find a professional and Divorce Negotiator was my second enquiry as my daughter was going through the same experience and had already enquired with them.  As I Read More

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No fault divorce

No fault divorce worked for us

My husband and I were pulling our hair out and arguing like crazy as neither of us wanted to blame the other for the marriage break down. With all the news in the press about ‘no fault divorce’ and why the government won’t change the law, we assumed it was better to wait two years. Read More

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divorce through depression

Amicable divorce despite depression

When I decided to go down the route of a divorce I had no idea how to go about it and had to ask for help.  I initially contacted a mediation service and then the DIY option but severe depression and anxiety stopped me from going any further.  When I finally got round to satrting Read More

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Divorce with 10 million pounds worth of assets

I was recommended to Divorce Negotiator by a friend of mine.  Reading their website I honestly did’nt think it would work having one negotiator helping both myself and my husband.  We had over 10 million in the way of assets and did not think we could agree on any kind of split let alone going Read More

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How Happy I was with your Service

Dear Divorce Negotiator I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how happy I was with your service.  I must admit that I was a little sceptical but you soon showed me the right way.  David and I have started speaking again and we even all went out to celebrate Matt’s birthday.  Read More

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Assisted Divorce

No Courts, No Solicitors Battles

  Case Studies No Courts No Solicitors battles – Both myself and my now ex wanted a stress-free divorce without having to battle out with two solicitors, we wanted to keep costs down, no courts and preferably one mediator to help us with our financial settlement.  I found Divorce Negotiator on line and knew instantly Read More

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I wasted £9000 on Solicitors

  After spending over £9000 on solicitors and no further forward with my divorce settlement, I found Divorce Negotiator online and thank God I did. The solicitors on both mine and my wife’s side were, to say the least hopeless. It cost us another £1200 between us but everything was resolved and our agreement was Read More

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