Assisted Divorce Process

The divorce process

An assisted divorce process is available to help with situations that are a little more complex than  A quick divorce

Divorce Negotiator is able to provide an assisted divorce process to either both parties or a single party who have assets and/or children. They help you to look objectively at a situation and agree on a settlement that is right for you both. Assisted divorce suits couples who have one home, a few savings and perhaps one or both have a pension.

Our trained negotiators assist in situations where one party does not know where the other lives. They need to have the papers served personally to enable the divorce to progress.

We can assist where parties are unsure what fact should be used when filing for divorce. Thus have different forms when applying for the decree nisi



It is not uncommon for couples to go through an online divorce to save money; however, this method of divorce does not provide any financial settlement. Our negotiators are fully trained and deal with every aspect of divorce and  financial settlements. We can assist you in negotiating a fair financial settlement for both parties allowing you to move on with your lives.


After an initial conversation to talk through the aspects of divorce, some couples decide that they do not wish to divorce right away – this can be due to a whole array of reasons; current financial affairs, duration of marriage or religious views.

We are able to draw up a separation agreement which sets out the arrangements of your separation including financial settlements, children arrangements, and living arrangements.

Assisted Divorce process

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