Amicable Divorce

Amicable Divorce

At Divorce Negotiator, we have designed a groundbreaking amicable divorce service. Our service ensures that you and your partner get a quick amicable divorce without any court hearings or expensive solicitors – saving you time and money.

If you have no issues with assets or children, you could have your amicable divorce finalised as quickly as 12 -16 weeks.

We offer the quickest, simplest, best quality quick amicable divorce solution available. There is no other service like it in England and Wales.

How to have an amicable divorce

We keep your divorce amicable because unlike solicitors we work with both of you. Experience shows that when both parties feel supported, the divorce remains amicable, costs less and concludes faster.

Often parties disagree about the grounds for divorce and the information that should be presented to the court. These issues can lead to the divorce being upheld, your spouse refusing the sign the paperwork and/or being contested.  We minimise the risk of this happening, by helping you both to come to an agreement before any paperwork is sent off to court.  This could allow you to speed up the process so that your divorce is completed within 12 -16 weeks.

Solicitors can not offer this service to you as they are unable to work with both parties.

We have helped more than 1,000 couples to come to get a very quick amicable divorce. Most of them did not believe this was possible in their case. We made it possible for them and we can make it possible for you.

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Financial Settlement and Arrangements for Children

If you have a financial settlement to deal with and arrangements for children to sort out, we can still help you. Best of all – we keep the costs down because we help you to avoid court hearings and expensive solicitors.

Our experienced negotiators will provide you with all the support and practical solutions that you need. We will ensure that you to settle your divorce quickly, efficiently and amicably. Our solutions work for both parties so there is never any need to go to a court hearing.

Alternative to Solicitors

With our quick amicable divorce service, we can do everything a solicitor can and more:

  • Solicitors cannot work with you both – we can.
  • Solicitors encourage you to fight each other in court – we don’t.
  • We will help you both to agree on any decisions about your divorce, children, and finances.
  • We will complete all divorce forms for you.
  • Best of all – we will be cheaper and quicker.

By using our service, you will be legally divorced in the same way as if you went down the solicitor route. The only difference being is that you will be able to pocket more of your settlement.

How we are different from the online DIY divorce service:

Whilst DIY divorces are the cheapest divorce option. However, they do do not give you the support and guidance you need to get the best possible outcome in your divorce.

These online divorce DIY services, leave you to complete your own paperwork. So, you if you make a mistake, it could ultimately cost you much more in the future to rectify it. What’s more, the forms you pay for are often available for FREE download from the government website so you are paying for something that is free. We do not charge you for the forms.

Why use Divorce Negotiator?

We are a cost-effective alternative to going to court so we bridge the gap between the expensive tradition solicitor route and the very cheap online DIY services. Most people who use our service reach an agreement very quickly because we take the time to guide and support both of you through the whole process. We take care of your individual needs.


Our divorce services provide everything you need for an uncontested amicable divorce. We allow you to save money, while still having the reassurance of support from a specialist divorce professional.

Client Reviews

Here is what some our clients had to say about us about their quick amicable divorce:

“The service was both professional and supportive through the difficult time.”

“I came across Divorce Negotiator on the web and I am so glad I did. They had such a calming effect after the terrible advice my solicitor had given me.”

“I was extremely happy with the service which I received from Divorce Negotiator.  They were able to help me through the pain of divorce.”

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We are Leading Experts

As leading experts we often appear in the press to comment on pressing issues relating to divorce. Divorce Negotiator has  been featured in many media channels, here is a list of a few:

  • The Guardian – (Amicable Divorce)
  • The Sun
  • Belle About Town – 10 Way to keep a divorce amicable
  • Talented Ladies Club (Financial Settlement)
  • Womanthology

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