Our approach to an amicable divorce

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At Divorce Negotiator, we look at divorce differently to the traditional approach by a solicitor. We work with both parties, negotiating to achieve a fairer, cost-effective and amicable divorce. Having one divorce specialist deal with both parties immediately reduces the costs involved.   The time taken to proceed through the divorce process and the likelihood of attending or getting involved in lengthy court battles. Having said that, we also work with one party if their spouse has employed a solicitor.

Divorce Specialists

As trained divorce specialists, we can guide you on the best options for your divorce. We provide a mediation service for both parties or one party. We help you to organise child care arrangements post-divorce and arrange fair financial settlements. During the process, we are able to explain and prepare all the legal paperwork.  So that you understand the process, giving you a clear indication of timescales for completion.

We understand that every case is unique and we’re sensitive to this fact.  We tailor our expert guidance to meet both of your needs. This helps you achieve a fair outcome which allows you to both move on with your lives. Although in many cases, we work with both parties to come to a negotiated settlement, we do also work with just one party should it not be agreeable to come to the same negotiator.

The Divorce Negotiator team are easily accessible, fully trained and available throughout the whole process to support, explain and guide you through any circumstances.

Divorce can come at a high price sometimes more than the wedding and the ones who really benefit are the two lawyers. The service we offer is a unique one that enables us to work with both of you, therefore keeping costs low. We understand that life is busy, that is why we are contactable from 9am to 5pm, five days a week. After the initial phone consultation, we can arrange to meet in person.

Why Choose Us?

In the early stages, most of your divorce paperwork can be done by telephone and email saving you time and money. Divorce Negotiator believe that the ideal divorce is one in which nothing is done to create or add to the kind of animosity that would prevent the parties from dancing together at their child’s wedding. When we discuss financial settlement we are looking to achieve a fair and reasonable split of your assets.  A settlement doesn’t just happen it is a result of good negotiation and good negotiation is at the heart of our service.

We will get you divorced or separated

  • in the most cost-effective way
  • in the friendliest possible manner
  • by saving you time
  • by saving you money
  • being available five days a week from 9am to 5pm
  • by explaining the process step-by-step using plain English, less legal jargon
  • by getting the best for each party
  • we do not not cause any acrimonious problems
  • If your Spouse decides not to join us we can assist you as an individual ensuring that the other firm does not abuse the legal process
  • 99% of our clients give us 10/10 on our testimonials
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