Inner Chimp when divorcing?

Have you ever heard that your have a chimp? No not a little monkey, but a naughty voice inside your head.

Our brain is made up of three parts when it comes to thinking. One is the computer, which is where we know instinctively how to do something without needing to think about it. You did it, you learned it, you stored it.

The other is the Human brain. The rational one.

The last and by far the worse is the Chimp brain. One reason you are in a position of getting a divorce is because the Chimp has been out talking far to much from both of you. The other is because the Chimp wont let you listen to the other parties human brain. And often when one chimp comes out, so does the other. NEVER will you be able to have a adult, sensible conversation if you both have your chimps out.

Difference between mens’ and womens’ brains

I saw a great video on the difference between the woman’s brain and the men’s brain. You may like to watch it, because you will be able to relate to it.

But most importantly, when you try to understand the chimp and the difference within our brains, there is no wonder solicitors are in a position to earn a lot of money from divorcing couples. You are in fact, playing right into their hands.

So before you trundle off to discuss your particular divorcing needs to the nearest or recommended solicitor, come and have a chat with us first and we will put the human brain and the common sense factor into your divorce and save you a fortune.

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