Divorce after Covid

COVID Divorce

Life all seems pretty gloomy right now. People still trying to find themselves again having been locked in for so long.

But can you imagine being locked in with someone you really didn’t like.

Imagine, just about to leave the marriage, and lockdown is thrown at us on 23rd March 2020

You cannot view properties. No one answers the phone. You are held in long queues on the phone, and end up having the phone put down.

Now, we are out of lockdown and everything, and I mean everything has gone up. Rent, property prices, second hand cars. The world has gone mad. And mixed up in that is a divorce and even worse the divorce courts.

Oh my, if I ever thought the courts were slow, I would have to apologise, as they are by far now 100 if not 200% slower than they were before. Is that because everyone is doing it themselves online? I don’t think so. Financial settlements still need to go through the courts, even if it is just to have an agreement approved.

So if you feel like a chat and bit of moan, or a shoulder to cry on. Lets do it together.

Contact Divorce Negotiator on 0800 177 7706 or 01256 630156

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