Having two Solicitors means two different stories

two Solicitors means two different stories

Have you ever wondered how a solicitor can tell a wife she is entitled to 80% of the matrimonial house and the husbands solicitor says he is entitled to 50% of the house. That just doesn’t add up does it?

Continue for a minute if you will, imagining this couple both chose the others solicitor to get the advice in the first place. Do you think the solicitor might just change their percentages? Yes they would. The reason is all about getting the best for their client. But is getting a bigger percentage actually worth all the hurt, pain and upset that it often carries with it? I do not believe it is. But and this is a big BUT, the person hearing the information leaves the solicitors office in the belief that this is what is going to happen. Now imagine this couple both meet at home and tell the other what their solicitor told them. All you have now is a big row and the battle of the solicitors. This period in a couples life is stressful enough without adding two fuelling solicitors

Pre-planning your Divorce

Divorce should be planned just like a marriage if you want to come out with your sanity intact.

Here at Divorce Negotiator we are passionate about helping people and so we are offering you a sounding board to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls that so many others have suffered.  We can help you both come to an agreement that both parties are happy with.

In my experience there are not many husbands and wife’s who want to see the other struggle and in the gutter, most of them say, they would prefer to remain friends and this can only be the outcome of walking down the road of divorce together, being sorry that the marriage did not work but not wishing ill on the other.

If you are going to get divorced then make sure you have planned it right for everyone to come out the best they can. Your in-law may still need to be in your life, parents still need to be in children’s lives. Did you know that children become are more grounded when their divorced parents were still able to talk?

We are here to listen and we don’t charge so why not call today and put one step in place.

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