Divorce – Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way?

Doing things the hard way?

Falling out with your partner is bad enough! But imagine if someone came along and made things a lot worse? When tensions are high, the slightest bit of new information, gossip or untrue accusation can heighten the pressure on the situation. Divorce is often perceived as a civilised war.  Solicitors try to control the puppet strings and purse strings to suit their needs in their own orchestra.

easy hardA solicitor is generally a busy person and doesn’t have time to get to know you and your whole situation. Those that deal with divorce will simply want to make as much money as possible to make it worth their while. They are not particularly bothered about the emotional journey you and your partner will undertake or the impact on your family. An old-fashioned solicitor would traditionally consider your divorce as a war between you and your partner; they will take your side and draw out the process.

Long Drawn out Process

A long drawn out process will inevitably lead to high costs and extra time to get a solution.  Solicitors often drag their feet to work out an agreement. However, it makes sense for the couple to both be aware of each other’s concerns and interests. With Divorce Negotiator, you will both be informed of corresponding letters and work together for a quicker, cheaper and amicable divorce solution.

Amicable Divorce

Divorce Negotiator work with husband and wife together, to achieve a result that both parties are happy with.  There are no winners and losers in divorce, when you do it amicably. Getting a result both parties are happy with, helps you both to get on with your life sooner.  If you have children, you will always be involved with your ex.  So having an amicable relationship with them, puts less strain on you or your partner.

The following case study focuses on the trouble with old solicitors. Read more here.

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