Could Divorce Improve your life?

Could Divorce Improve your life?

Getting a divorce does not always have to be a bad thing. After all, the alternative is to stay together.  This will make you both unhappy. When we think about divorce, we often think of failure, but getting a divorce could actually make you and your children happier, maybe by meeting someone new or just by doing what you want to do.

Here are four reasons why getting a divorce could be a great idea:

Become Happier

Instead of getting up each day knowing that you are living in a broken marriage, a divorce could allow you to live your life to the full. According to research by the London Kingston University, women feel much happier for up to five years after the end of their marriage, which shows people can live fulfilling lives after a divorce.

Get Healthier

Research has found that being in an unhappy marriage can damage your health.  It can bring you stress and can increase the risk of heart disease and depression. By getting a divorce and calling an end to your marriage, you are taking the weight off your shoulders and allowing your body to recover from this stress.

Children Will Be Better Off

Children are more perceptive than you think.  If children experience that their parents are unhappy, this is often passed on to them, making them unhappy. Often parents do not understand how rows and mood swings can affect children. This can include their health and their school life. By getting a divorce, it can allow the child to grow up in a happier environment. This should include spending quality time with both parents.

Kids will appreciate two homes where Mum and Dad are separately happy. As opposed to one home, where they hurl insults at each other and use them as pawns in parental mind games. Once you and your ex split, the tension is gone and the kids can breathe again. By divorcing from an unhappy marriage, you’re showing that you deserve to be in a supportive relationship. This is the best thing you can model for your little ones.

A New Relationship Will Make You Happy

Getting divorced and dating again, finding a new relationship can make you happy again. Many couples who get divorced do not think about finding a new partner.  However, once you do, you will then understand how happy life can be. Then, wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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