Top 10 Reasons People Divorce

Reasons People Divorce

Over 40% of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce, and it has been this high for a number of years.  Marriages require a lot of work to be successful, and are not easy to achieve.  Here are the top 10 reasons people divorce:

There are many reasons people get divorced, but once one in a couple has decided, there is little reason to try to fight it. At the moment, until the new divorces laws become legal, a party can defend a divorce. This will only change the reason for divorce to 5-year separation. 5-year separation is currently the only reason one party can use to achieve a divorce.

Putting your differences aside can be beneficial for your finances and the divorce process. An amicable divorce will work out cheaper and be beneficial in the long run.

1. Reasons People Divorce – Infidelity

It is an unfortunate sign of the times that affairs happen all the time. Your long term partner may appear to be the perfect person in your life, despite seeing others behind your back. This is a complete breakdown of trust and honesty, which are extremely important in a relationship. Affairs can happen for a number of reasons but it is ultimately a betrayal of the marriage.

Sexual problems in a relationship can lead to infidelity and some people may enjoy the thrill of a new relationship for sex rather than the ordinary or lack of sex at home. Individuals can become bored in their relationship and many have affairs, whilst still loving their wife or husband. Honesty is the best policy in relationships. This could mean being honest about wanting to see other people or admitting to a big mistake or wanting to end the marriage.

Although having a physical relationship isn’t the most important thing in a  relationship, it is still a very important part of that relationship. If sex becomes less and less frequent, the more it signifies a lack of passion. This unfortunately leads one or both of you to be drawn into infidelity.

2. Reasons People Divorce – Growing apart

We all change over the years and some get set in their ways. Couples who agreed to get married and grow old together can easily start to think differently. They may consider what their life would be without their partner in it, as the years pass by. Individual personalities can clash and the person you married could be very different from what they are today. What you loved about the person, in the beginning, can grate on you and now pulls you apart.

Individuals who feel that they are growing apart may start to see that they are not getting enough attention from the other. They feel that they are no longer loved by their partner. It’s important to continually work at a relationship. If one person is not putting in the effort, it could mean that they no longer will. Couples can get to the stage of being unable to talk to each other, which adds strain to the relationship. Talking is important, especially if you want to get divorced and sort out your finances.

3. Reasons People Divorce – Financial Difficulties

When you first start in a relationship, money might not be a very important part of your relationship as you struggle through things together.  But when things get tight and you are unable to pay bills, finances become very important. If the two of you have different views on money, one may spend a lot more than the other, this can put a lot of strain on a relationship.

4. Reasons People Divorce – Lack Of Respect

The more you show disrespect towards your partner, the more you distance yourself from them. Each occurence may seem insignificant to you, but to your partner who is adding them all up, it becomes a big deal.

5. Reasons People Divorce – Over Dependent on Partner

If one person is over dependent on their partner, the relationship may become clingy, and you could lose your own identity in the process. You might be forced to become a different person to support their extensive needs.  If you can’t survive separation for even a couple of hours, your relationship will become stressful, and trust becomes an issue.

6. Reasons People Divorce – Over Sexed

Again, both sides need to be balanced. You can’t simply have sex without any real feeling or connection. Lust is fine, as long as it is with love.

7. Reasons People Divorce – No Disagreements

If your partner and you never fight or disagree, the chances are you are willing to let your issues build up and then eventually become a bigger issue later. Or, if you maybe not close enough to your partner to care about their opinion and just dismiss them, it will eventaully become a big issue.

8. Reasons People Divorce – Different Expectations

If your expectations of your partner are very high, then there is a good chance they will eventually fall below your expectations. They are human, so keep your expectations to a minimum. The more you expect, the less they would fulfill and that would lead to frustration.

9. Reasons People Divorce – Nothing Changes

You need to evolve as human beings constantly. Change is a part of nature, and if you don’t change, you are doomed to failure. The moment your relationship fails to change due to the inability of one partner, it will go down the drain.

10.Reasons People Divorce – Taking each other for granted

This might sound odd, but the more comfortable you get in a relationship, the more you stop trying to work at the relationship. In the end, you take each other for granted, and that escalates into marital problems.

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