Is divorce the right choice?

Is divorce the right choice?

Life is a series of decisions that change your course or path over your lifetime. One can be incredibly focused on life ambitions but unexpected circumstances can easily force you to rethink your plans. When a major change in your life occurs, it can often leave you feeling lost. Some can relish in the change, but others can be quite unnerved by the change.

If we look at the bigger picture of your lifetime, changes from one stage to another is simply a period of time when to accept uncertainty and embrace the unknown. Going through these necessary changes usually involves happiness and security at the end of it.

In the long term, try to see every change as an opportunity for growth that will provide an opportunity for another lesson in life.

Many people focus on the worst-case scenario and believe that we are paralysed by choices. They become terrified of making the wrong decision. However, inspired choices often come from the heart and somewhere deep down. Try to understand what is right for you and what you actually want from a situation. The decision becomes harder when you know it’s going to have a big effect on others you love and could lead to further problems.

Thinking of divorce?

If you are thinking of getting a divorce, you may be swaying between two points of view. It is one of the hardest decisions you will make and like every decision, there is no right or wrong answer.

It is up to you and your partner to decide based on your current circumstances. The point is that you must act and look for an acceptable solution. If your marriage has broken down over time, it’s probably time to think carefully about the future. If you look ahead and see you are likely to be suffering, this can affect others in your life like children and friends. However, if you deal with the heartache and hard times now, you will get to a happier position sooner.

People can naturally grow apart and divorce doesn’t have to be a bitter dispute. It can simply be an agreement between two adults who realise that they feel different towards each other now. A divorce can be a similar agreement to the marriage, a mutual understanding that reflects what you both want in order to reach happiness in the future. Our choices help us grow into the person we long to be and were meant to be.

It is always best to try to have a conversation with your partner, to how to proceed with the divorce, what you each want, and how to best to achieve that.

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