Will this year become a Happy EXmas?

There’s no doubt that Christmas is approaching sooner than you can say ‘run Rudolph’! The lights have been switched on in town.  The markets are brimming with people, socially distanced but soaked in mulled wine and glowing red cheeks.  The children won’t stop adding to their list to Santa. There is an excitement building in the air, but for many it can also be a worry.  Especially financially, with all the gifts you need to buy, but also emotionally.

Families are expected to get together at Christmas, feast on a large dinner and show their love and appreciation by exchanging gifts. There are many who have lots of people to visit and some families will be broken.  I.e. the children will go for Christmas dinner at Mum’s before present opening at Dad’s house. This works well for children, especially as they may miss the parent they are not resident with and want to spend time with them.

Tough Times

However, what about those families who are going through tough times?

Your relationship may be breaking down and the last thing you need is the jolly festive season to come along. Forcing yourself to be happy or even pretending to be for the sake of family members that you haven’t seen since last year. You may feel that as a couple, you and your partner have grown apart.  So much so, that you haven’t got a clue what to buy them for Christmas because you feel you don’t know them anymore.

Couples can get to a stage where they lose interest in each other. The once young and sporty man may now prefer to sit watching Christmas telly with a box of chocolates. The adventurous woman, who loved to travel, may simply just want to stay at home. Change can be a positive thing and should be embraced, especially as people grow older. Although, it can be the cause of relationship breakdown.  You may feel that the person you originally fell in love with, essentially no longer exists.

Therefore, with Christmas shopping to do and your lack of a loving relationship, is it best to focus on that magical present for your partner? One that will rejuvenate your love for each other, or is it safe to say it has ‘irretrievably broken down’?

If it is the latter, it’s worth planning your New Year’s Resolutions now. Start by writing your own letter to Santa with a list of things you want from a relationship and in the long-term for the rest of your life. This will be beneficial to think clearly about your next step and work out how to get there.

If you feel divorce is the best option for you, give us a call and we will guide you through everything you need to know regarding the process. We may not be Santa but we are just as jolly!

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