Unsuitable Reasons for divorce

Reasons for divorce

Before the law for no fault divorce starts (likely to be Autumn 2021), a reason is required for the divorce. This must be one of the following reasons:

Common reasons for divorce

By far the most common, is unreasonable behaviour. When citing Unreasonable Behaviour, you will need to provide 5 instances of that unreasonable behaviour. But often people fail to think this through before applying for divorce. They fail to think it is down to the judge to agree that the reasons are actually unreasonable. Some of the reasons that have been presented with, maybe unreasonable to the applicant but to a third party, not so unreasonable. Here are some not so unreasonable behaviour reasons we have seen.

“I just woke up this morning and realised I didn’t like him anymore.”

“My wife leaves clothes on every surface in the house, often blocking access to the windows.”

“My wife exercises excessively”

The respondent has thick hair which she does not clean up after herself in sinks, showers etc.

If you are looking to divorce, but are struggling to find five reasons for unreasonable behaviour, then call Divorce Negotiator on 0800 177 7702 for help.

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