10 years of excellent service

10years of divorce negotiator

This month saw the 10 year anniversary of Divorce Negotiator Ltd, a company dedicated to helping divorcing couples get through the difficult process of divorce with as little stress as possible.
Divorce is ranked as the 2nd most stressful life event, after the death of a loved one. This stress has a massive impact on those involved during the process and for years following the divorce.
Divorce Negotiator have always used the philosophy that an amicable divorce is better for both sides. By reducing animosity in the process of divorce is key to a successful divorce, especially if children are involved.

1000s of couples helped

Carol Sullivan, from Divorce Negotiator Ltd says “We have helped thousands of couples over the last 10 years. Some divorced amicably and some not so amicably. But those who are prepared to take our suggestions and work together always seem to come out of the process much stronger and in a better place, looking forward to life. Couples are advised to compromise in a way that does not affect their future massively. Often giving a little, has a massive effect, allowing both parties to move on in life much quicker. Staff at Divorce Negotiator have laughed, cried, cuddled and wined with clients. Always, helping them during the process and have even been invited to the next wedding.

Helping both parties

Traditional divorce solicitors are not allowed to assist both parties. They can only work with one of you. Often boasting that they will ‘win’ or how much they will win for you. This only aggravates the situation and causes parties to issue court proceedings against one another. So ultimately the real winners are the solicitors, who get a big chunk of your hard-earned money.”

Divorce Negotiator has a different approach to keep couples out of court and keep the costs low. Assisting both parties, by providing the same advice to each, reduces one-upmanship with both working towards a fair division of assets which allows for the couple to move on quickly.

To celebrate 10 years of providing excellent services to divorcing couples; Divorce Negotiator Ltd are pleased to offer a 10% discount to any client starting the divorce process in the month of September 2020.

Please click here to find out the details.

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