Plan for the future today

Plan for the future today

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ or even 10 years’ time?

This is a question we may be familiar with at our first job interview but it’s also worth asking yourself at various points in your life to reassess where you are compared to where you would like to be. An unhappy marriage can be a depressing place to be. At times, you may feel that you are happy enough ignoring the problem or even putting up with it for the sake of the children but to be emotionally happy we should address your concerns. After all, we don’t want to look back on the last 5-10 yrs as a miserable period of your life, which you will never get back.

Bucket list

Perhaps it will help you to create a bucket list, i.e. all the things you want to achieve by the time you are 60 yrs old or even before you die. When we start to take some time to realise what’s important, everything can become clear and you realise that you don’t have to stay in a miserable marriage anymore. Some people will find that they have naturally grown apart over the years and simply want an amicable agreement to enable a positive future for both of them.

Ask yourself what you would like to do in the near future. Do you see yourself trying new things and exploring your hobbies? Think deeply about what would make you happy.  Be honest with yourself, your family and your friends. In your life adventure, do you really want your spouse alongside you? or would you have more fun alone or even with somebody new to share your life with.

“I have to live, perhaps, till seventy years. As far as I know, I have good health. Half a century of existence may lie before me. How am I to occupy it? What am I to do to fill the interval of time which spreads between me and the grave?”
― Charlotte Brontë

Your future is in your hands

Your future is in your hands! There is no time like the present to plan for your future. Embrace the power of now!  Take the first step to working out a better future for you and your family, which is honest and open. At Divorce Negotiator, we work with both parties on their amicable separation agreement and divorce. We help you both reach a fair financial settlement, so you can both benefit.

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