Have you ever felt that your situation couldn’t get any worse?

bad situation

As your relationship breaks down and you feel stuck in a bad situation, the last thing you need is for things to get worse. Life can throw unexpected things in our path and at times like these, you can ask yourself, why me? No one deserves bad luck or to go down a hard path, even if others believe they deserve it. If you are at the point of seeking a divorce, you are likely to be at your wits end and distressed about the whole thing.

Sometimes the slightest little thing can lead to you tearing your hair out or if you are on bad terms with your partner already, it could increase the tension between you even more. This is where divorce solicitors can often tip you over the edge. You approach them for advice and they simply throw jargon at you and load you up with legal terms that may even put you off the whole process, especially if there are children involved in your relationship.

Antagonising  Solicitors

Solicitors often antagonise the situation causing more issues for a couple in a bad situation. Solicitors benefit when couples go to war, fighting over every posession. Their chargable hours are increased.  Often making their fee greater in value than the the actual item being fought over.

In the following case study, the woman tried to end the marriage three times, with each visit to her solicitor being unsuccessful. She found that Divorce Negotiator was a good alternative, as she could actually talk to them and work out amicable solutions with her angry husband.

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