Divorce Rates during COVID-19 Lockdown

covid divorce rates

There has been a lot of coverage in the media regarding the increased divorce rates during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first reports coming from Wuhan, China stating that couples spending so much time together during lockdown had an adverse effect on the their marriages. It was reported that this would likely occur across the rest of the world, and expect the worst. Divorce rates are going to increase!

At Divorce Negotiator, we have experienced an increase in divorce enquiries, but they are not down to spending too much time together during lockdown. The majority of our new cases are those where the couple have been separated for a number of years. This goes against the worldwide media headlines of mass marriage breakdown.

It seems, lockdown has given people time to think what they want in life. For some, those that have come to us, it has been to finally sort out the long overdue divorce.

The lockdown has proven to people that certain relationships are very important to them. And also some relationships are not worth pursuing. This has resulted in divorce for some, but a lot of people have strengthened their relationships.

The media will report on an increase in failed realtionships, but will they also report on an increase in strengthened relationships, perhaps there will be an huge increase in marriages when the lockdown allows for it?

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