Divorce in 10 weeks?

Divorce in 10 weeks?

Divorce in 10 weeks? Sounds like complete fiction, doesn’t it? However, recent applications for divorce are being processed at a rate not seen for a very long time. The reason still seems to be unknown, but could be down to a reduced number of applications. Or it maybe due an increased number of staff. Perhaps even the staff working from home are able to work more efficiently.

We submitted an application for divorce for a client on 30th April. The Decree nisi will be pronounced on 26th May, and therefore the Decree absolute can be applied for on 8th July.

That is a divorce in just 10 weeks!

This is a remarkable turnaround, but it is helped massively by a very quick return of the Acknowledgement of Service by the respondent. A quick response can affect the timeframe for divorce by weeks.

Although this particular case is proceeding very quickly, other cases are also going through with minimum delay. The divorce centres are certainly working hard to get the process as slick as possible.

It was only a couple of months ago, that the divorce centres were struggling to keep up with the backlog of divorces, which kept extending the time required for a simple divorce to be processed. 16 weeks was considered a quick divorce at this time. Now, this has been cut to just 10 weeks.

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