Husband Vs Wife – Who usually wins?

Husband Vs Wife – Who usually wins?

The best relationships are equal in many ways and don not result in husband vs wife.  Couples learn to adapt to the other’s needs and develop an understanding of how they think. In the beginning, couples have lots of fun but when it comes to settling down and committing to a long term future together.  As humans we begin to evaluate every aspect of the other’s character and habits. This may start with little arguments and there can often be a more dominant partner in a relationship.

More frequest arguments

As arguments become more frequent, we can almost mentally prepare for the tell-tale signs that the other will erupt and put up a solid defense. However, this behaviour can often worsen a situation.  As each person defends themseleves and makes mental notes of every minor issue to put the other party in the wrong. An argument shouldn’t turn into a fight, where there is only one winner. A disagreement should be broken down together with each aspect discussed and compromised on.

The same goes for divorce. If the dominant one in the relationship looks to get their own way once again, they shouldn’t be punished for it. It works well to sit down together with a neutral person who can simmer the tension and pick out the key points to address. It’s not a case of who will win but who will take the mature approach?

Misconceived ideas the courts favour women

There are many misconceived ideas that divorce courts favour women or favour the victim in a case of adultery.  This is NOT true. Once the courts have accepted your reasons for divorce, then both parties are treated equally.  A financial settlement is not affected by the reason for divorce.  The courts aim to make a financial settlement as fair to both parties as possible.

If one party earned a lot more than the other, they are not favoured in a financial settlement.  Each party are considered to have contributed equally for the duration of the marriage, no matter what their income. If one party brought more to the marriage initially, then this will be taken into account.

How we help

conflict resolutionYour divorce negotiator will:

  • Help you to come to decisions that you are both comfortable with.
  • Be the one person to liaise with rather than an office clerk, so you get continuity in understanding your needs.
  • Be available to you outside of your working hours, so you don’t have to take time off work.
  • Remove conflict and make it less stressful for you.
  • Ensure that children should not be stuck between fighting parents. We help you to communicate openly.
  • Achieve a divorce without hostility, helping you to maintain a family relationship in the future.
  • Share your family assets fairly to enable you both to move forward to a happy future.
  • Help you to understand the legal terms and processes and to avoid unnecessary delays when completed incorrectly.

To avoid the Husband vs Wife battle in divorce and for further information or to have a confidential discussion about your situation, please telephone 0800 177 7702 (freephone) or email

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