Domestic Abuse Increases During Pandemic

Domestic Abuse Increases During Pandemic

One additional tragedy that has worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic is the increase in domestic violence. Maintaining self-isolation is causing many families additional stress. Living in close proximity for an extended amount of time can put pressure on any relationship. Bring in to play, a violent partner, then things can quickly escalate to frightening situations.

Relate and the National Domestic Abuse Helpline have reported a 25% increase in calls since the beginning of the lockdown.

It is recognised that domestic violence goes up whenever families spend more time together, such as the Christmas and summer holidays. The lockdown is extending this time together by an enormous amount.

An abusers environment

Domestic abuse victims, whether male or female, find themselves in an environment that the abuser thrives. Control is the main weapon of the abuser. This can be in the form of limiting access to friends and family, limiting access to finances as well as being mentally and physcially abusive. Being in self-isolation makes it so much easier for an abuser to inflict pain and discomfort on their victim.

However, the police and domestic abuse helplines are stepping up their support for victims. Helplines are getting setup so their support workers can take calls from home. The police are always there in an emergency, and will extract the abuser from a home if they see fit.

For information and support on domestic abuse, contact:

Once you are in a safe environment and are ready to move on with your life, plan your exit from that destructive relationship you were in. Getting a divorce is much easier now than ever before. Courts are fully aware of the effects of domestic abuse, and will act as fast as possible to separate victim from abuser.

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